Fisker står i vandet i vaders og fiskeudstyr og fisker. Vandet er spejlblankt og himlen er blå, med luftige, hvide skyer.

Beautiful fishing spots on Fyn – all year round

Photo: Destination Fyn

The coasts all around Fyn are full of amazing fishing spots. But where are the best places to fish in the summer? When and where is it best to fish for sea trouts? We give you these answers and many more right here!

The numbers below refers to the fishing spots in the book “117 Fine Funen Fishing Spots”. The book guides the experienced angler, but also the less experienced and beginners. Use the book to find the best fishing spot for you depending on time of year, fishing method or wind direction. The book is essential tool for anglers on all levels.

Find the book right here.

Below you will find an overview of some of the best fishing spots in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The best fishing spots in Spring

Enebærodde and Gabet (1,11)

In spring, when a large part of the sea trout leave Odense Fjord, the outer areas around the fjord are naturally great places to fish.

Kerteminde to Nyborg (22-25)

The stretch of the coast is primarily sandy bottom with deep seaweed-filled basins close to land. Especially at high tide, you will find great spring adventures.

Langeland (43-58)

Spring is high season for sea trout fishing at Langeland. Along the entire island there are excellent opportunities. Select your spot on the coast according to wind conditions.

Ærø (59-70)

Just like Langeland, the fishing at Ærø tops in March/April. Ærø is a good island to visit for a couple of days. You can always find untouched spots here.

Helnæs area incl. Torø (90-96) 

A wonderful area with lots of possibilities. You can always find a stretch of coast for fishing no matter the direction of the wind.

The best fishing spots in Summer

Enebærodde (1) 

An almost certain summer spot. Forget about the long stretch after the parking lot; just walk the 4½ miles out to the lighthouse and start fishing around the tip where the water is the deepest and the strong current holds the fish. It is one of the summer spots where the fishing stretch is relatively long.

Bøgebjerg and Stavre Hoved (18, 20) 

These are very classic spots which attract many fish and anglers. Especially in late summer, you have good chances of catching very large fish at these spots.

Knudshoved and Slips-havn (26-27) 

Deep water and strong current. Those are the hallmarks of a summer spot. Both items are present here. Good spots if the wind turns northerly.

Skansen (36) 

This is somewhat overlooked but is a very easily reached spot which is really good in southerly winds. There might be a lot of smaller cod here, but along with them come the trout.

Northern Little Belt (107-111) 

In the strong, narrow current Little Belt there are lots of possibilities. Strib Fyr (spot 109) and Gals Klint (spot 107) are the most well known; however, Røjle Klint and Stavrs Hoved (spots 110 and 111) are also really good.

Fisker står i vandet med fiskeruse i hånden ved nogle pæle.

Photo:Bjørg Kiær

The best fishing spots in Autumn

Enebærodde (1)

If the wind is westerly or south-westerly, then the Fyn north coast is a good choice. You will always find fish in the deep basin close to land. You can use light fishing gear, as long throws are seldom needed here.

Gabet (11) 

Odense Stream and other fine trout streams ending in Odense Fjord lure many sea trout to this place. Thus, the entrance to Odense Fjord by Midskov is a hot fishing spot.

The Fyn south east coast (29-33) 

The many streams lure the fish into the country. Along these stretches, you often have to fish from the 1st or 2nd sandbank. Be aware of the protected belts in the area.

The South Fyn small islands (73, 79 - 81) 

Avernakø, Lyø and Bjørnø are wonderful places to go to in the fall. You will always find sea trout and shelter from the wind here.

Torø (96) 

This is a very certain autumn spot. Here, you will find plenty, but primarily smaller, sea trout.

Æbelø (116)

According to many folks, the most beautiful coastal spots of Fyn are located around Æbelø. The autumn fishing is superb.

Lystfisker står med ryggen til og kaster ud. Han er iklædt mørkt tøj, og hætten på hans hoved er snørret godt ind. I baggrunden ses det sortgrå hav og en mørk uvejrshimmel, som en regnbue bryder igennem på.

Photo:Destination Fyn

The best fishing spots in Winter

Odense Fjord/Bregnør Harbour (9) 

You will find plenty of exciting winter spots at Odense Fjord. They are all typical wading places, where you can fish far from the coast. Be aware that fishing at the inner fjord (south of Lindø Shipyard) is not allowed in the winter months.

Stenodden (39) 

The Tåsinge area around Vemmenæs is always a good offer when it comes to catching winter trout. Fishing is best done in westerly winds.

Helnæs Bay (89-91) 

A fantastic area with chances everywhere. Bottom conditions are poor, but don't despair. Depending on the winds, fishing is done on the east or west side.

Føns Vig, Gamborg Fjord (102-105) 

Classic Fyn winter spots where many shoals of smolt go by. It is probably also the area where most of the large winter fish are caught.

Båring Vig (112-115) 

The low water Båring Vig is a good but somewhat overlooked winter area. You will find lots of room here. It is only a question of finding the shoals of smolt.