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Fun and relaxing day at Hasmark Strandoase

Enjoy a real relaxing and cozy day at Hasmark Strandoase. You have indeed earned it

  • Pack your favorite lunch and bring drinks from local roadside stalls.
  • Pack board games, outdoor games and a beach bingo board.
  • Set course for the park Hasmark Strandoase.
  • Play mini golf.
  • Enjoy an ice cream from the ice cream kiosk or the campsite.

We have a great suggestion for you: Go on a cozy trip for the whole family at the park at Hasmark Beach - the so-called Hasmark Strandoase or beach oasis!

Start by preparing your favorite sandwiches and ensure some snacks and fresh berries or fruit from one of the North Funen roadside stalls. Also remember water and maybe a couple of your favorite drinks.

Pack a blanket and some of your favorite games – board games, card games, and lawn games are great to bring along. You can also bring a beach bingo card, which can be printed from visitnordfyn.dk. Don't forget swimwear and towels if it's warm. There are bathing and changing facilities at the park.

Once you're packed and ready, set your course towards Hasmark Strandoase and find the perfect spot to settle down.
Now your task is just to enjoy yourselves – relax, play games, read a magazine, and maybe enjoy a dip in the water. If you feel like it, you can also play a game of mini golf or go on a beach bingo scavenger hunt.

When hunger strikes, you can bring out your delicious sandwiches and snacks. If you didn't bring sandwiches, you can also buy a delicious burger at the burger booth at Hasmark. For much of the year, the bistro at First Camp Hasmark Strand is also open.

When you are by the water, it's almost impossible not to crave an ice cream – that's why it's fortunate that the burger booth also sells delicious ice creams at Hasmark Strandoase.

Have a great trip!

Practical information:


The beach park Hasmark Strandoase is located at Østre Strandvej 4, 5450 Otterup, where there is also a car park. If the car park is full, there are more spaces on the road Strandvejen just opposite the campsite.

Toilets at Hasmark Strandoase

There is a public toilet in the Strandoase. The toilet is open every day all year round and there is also a toilet for people with disabilities. There is also a public toilet next to the mini golf course, which is open every day from week 13-42.