Guldbjerg church by Bogense

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Guldbjergvej 23

5400 Bogense




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The church is situated on a hill a little outside the village.

The church was built in late Gothic style.

Worth a look:

- The pulpit is made in the Baroque style.

- The altarpiece is also in the Baroque style; the painting has been replaced a few times since then, and the current painting was made by the local artist Frank Hammershøj in 2011. It depicts St Christopher carrying the child Jesus

- Between the nave and porch is a door wing in cast iron, of which one has the inscription 'In the year 1632, when Lars Oelsen let this church door be done, Joergen Blacksmith'.

It is possible to see the church - please contact the priest.


Guldbjergvej 23

5400 Bogense

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