H. C. Andersen's Odense

Photo: Destination Fyn

Go on a wondrous journey through Hans Christian Andersen’s Odense. Visit the poet’s birth- and childhood homes or the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. If you need an even bigger dose of the poet, fear not. There is lots more to see.

Green ExperienceHans Christian Andersen House
Photo: Thomas Mørkeberg

Hans Christian Andersen House

H.C. Andersen's House - a world you think you know - Visit the popular Hans Christian Andersen House in the historic quarter.

Soveværelse med gammeldags slagbænk af træ, himmelseng med stribet sengebetræk og træspisesæt for to.
Photo: Destination Fyn

H. C. Andersen's Childhood Home

From 1807 to 1819 H. C. Andersen lived in one of the three little apartments in this house with his parents. The house became a museum in 1930 and here you can experience several of his original manuscripts and diaries. One of the living rooms houses a small exhibition which shows the poet’s childhood in Odense.

To børn fodrer en flok høns med grønt.
Photo: Ard Jongsma


Take a trip back in time and experience the authentic city environment from the 19th century, where Hans Christian Andersen ran around and played as a child. Feel the history in the narrow streets, on the cobblestones, in the courtyards behind the houses and in the exhibitions build by Museum Odense.


In the Footstep of Hans Christian Andersen

We invite you to take a stroll through the heart of old Odense, Hans Christian Andersen’s birthplace, where you can encounter numerous things to remind you of Denmark’s world-famous writer of fairy ta...

Foran et træ står en skulptur af svaner og en kvinde
Photo: Destination Fyn

Fairy tale sculptures in Odense

Watch the fairy tale figures of H. C. Andersen come to live all over Odense – in parks and in the streets and alleys you can meet 16 sculptures, all inspired by the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

den fynske landsby kunst og kultur fyn museum museer
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The Funen Village

In the Funen Village you will experience a village milieu as it could have appeared at the time when Hans Christian Andersen wrote his famous fairy tales.