H. C. Andersen's Odense

Photo: Destination Fyn

Go on a wondrous journey through Hans Christian Andersen’s Odense. Visit the poet’s birth- and childhood homes or the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. If you need an even bigger dose of the poet, fear not. There is lots more to see.


Do you want more H. C. Andersen?

The world-famous poet is the focal point of several events in Odense.

The Hans Christian Andersen Parade

The Hans Christian Andersen Parade performs at the fairy tale castle stage in the Fairytale Garden with a whole new performance, "24 small and big act...

Hans Christian Andersen City Games in Odense

Every summer, young athletes from around the world gather in Odense for Hans Christian Andersen City Games. It will be a week of fun, sport, competiti...

H.C. Andersen Marathon

A fairy-tale marathon for everyone HCA Marathon celebrates its 20th anniversary and invites both debutants and experienced runners to an unforgett...