Vandring på Øhavsstien på Sydfyn

Hiking package tours on Fyn

Photo: Destination Fyn

Do you want a hiking trip with everything planned for you in advance? Book a hiking package tour! We guide you to the best package tours.

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With a prepackaged tour on one of the hiking trails on Funen, you'll receive an itinerary and map, booked accommodations, and your luggage will be transported. Experience a unique hiking-adventure planned by tour operators who know the South Funen Archipelago and Funen's nature best. You can hike on your own or with a guide.

Billede af en klint ud til havet med en smal stribe sand
Photo: Undervejs

The Dream Route

Along expansive coasts and through small winding forest paths, this 3-day hiking holiday takes you around Helnæs Bay and through exceptional nature. You will stay at the lovely Gl. Brydegaard hotel and in your own cabin at the trendy Falsled Strand Camping

Tour Operator: Undervejs

Et kig ud over Svanninge bakker fra en bakketop. I horisonten ses en flot rødlig solopgang.
Photo: Mikkel Jezequel

Basic hiking and outdoor course

Join a hiking or outdoor course at Svanninge Bakker. Whether you are new to outdoor activities and hiking, or if your skills just need a bit of refreshing, this basic hiking course is for you.

Tour Operator: All-Out


En sti midt i en græsmark med et træ foran, der indkapsler billedet.
Photo: Undervejs

The Wonder Journey

Embark on a journey closer to nature and each other on this 2-day hiking holiday in South Funen. The route takes you through a varied landscape of forest, coast, meadow, and field, as well as along peaceful, winding country roads. You'll stay at the idyllic Villa Skovly, surrounded by large, old trees on the outskirts of Lundeborg

Tour operator: Undervejs 


To kvinder går i vandkanten iført sommertøj
Photo: Undervejs

Luminous Langeland

Experience the beautiful nature around the southern tip of Langeland on this 2-day hiking holiday. Your journey will take you along the picturesque coast and through historical forests. There's a great chance to encounter Langeland's wild horses and the area's rich birdlife. You'll spend the night at the lovely, newly renovated Broløkke Manor

Tour operator: Undervejs 

Helnæsvejen, som går igennem havet ud til halvøen.
Photo: Undervejs

The Discovery Journey

A marvelous 4-day hiking holiday in South Funen with wonderful accommodations at Dyreborg Glamping, Falsled Strand Camping, and Gl. Brydegaard. The route takes you through forests, meadows, and coasts with a unique view of the South Funen Archipelago.

Tour operator: Undervejs - vandreferier med et strejf af luksus


Får slapper af på en grøn mark på en solskinsdag.

Hiking on Ærø

Ærø offers a total of 66 km of hiking trails, providing ample opportunities to explore the charming island. Ærø Tours customizes your hiking experience based on your fitness level and desired route.

Tour Operator: Ærø Tours

En sti, der bugter sig i et sving, med rapsmark bagved og et træ foran.
Photo: Undervejs

The Wonder Way

Disconnect from everyday life and experience nature on the beautiful island of South Funen. On this wonderful 3-day hiking holiday, you'll enjoy varied nature - from forests, fields, and meadows to small paths along the coast with views of the South Funen Archipelago. You'll stay at the cozy Vester Skerninge Kro and the luxurious Stella Maris

Tour operator: Undervejs


Vandrere med vandrerygsække går på en smal vandresti mellem skov og strand.
Photo: Camilla Hylleberg

The Archipelago Trail - Langeland

On this section of the Archipelago Trail, you'll hike from Svendborg across Tåsinge to Langeland and further up to the northern tip of the island. The route takes you across impressive bridges, through charming villages, green forests, along beautiful coasts, and past two castles. The trip lasts for 4 days.

Tour Operator: Vagabondtours

The Archipelago Trail - Tåsinge, Langeland and Ærø

On this part of the Archipelago Trail, you'll hike for 4 days. First, the journey takes you across Tåsinge to Langeland, then you'll sail on to Ærø before completing the loop in Svendborg. The route meanders through blooming meadows, green forests, and charming villages, with views of the South Funen Archipelago.

Tour Operator: Vagabondtours

Tre vandrere går og snakker med ryggen til kameraet. De har en smuk udsigt til hav, mark og skov.
Photo: Daniel Villadsen

The Archipelago Trail - Ærø

Join a 3-day hike along the Archipelago Trail on Ærø. This part of the route will lead you through exciting natural and cultural landscapes, past dolmens, over blooming meadows, through lush forests, and charming old seafaring towns.

Tour Operator: Vagabondtours

En brostensgade med små, farverige huse i Ærøskøbing
Photo: Reinhard Pantke

The Archipelago Trail on Ærø

Take on the Archipelago Trail's 36 km on Ærø, which can easily be divided into 2 stages. Here, we guide you on an unforgettable and beautiful hike along the Archipelago Trail in the natural beauty of Ærø.

Tour Operator: Aktiv Øhav