Vandring på Øhavsstien på Sydfyn

Hiking trip in the footsteps of the South-Fyn Painters

Photo: Destination Fyn

Experience a hiking tour of Fyn with a difference, following in the footsteps of the Fyn Painters around the countryside on the south of the island.

Start off at the museum

Experience the painters of Fyn at Faaborg Museum. The museum houses some of the most important collections in the country of Danish art from the early 1900s, featuring key works by popular Fyn artists such as Peter Hansen, Johannes Larsen, Jens Birkholm, and Anna and Fritz Syberg.

The museum is not large, but the quality of its exhibits is exceptional. The works that adorn the walls like a string of pearls encourage visitors to head off into the South Fyn countryside and experience the scenery that inspired the artists.

It is then time to step outside and make your way into the beautiful landscapes that provided the South-Fyn artists with much of the inspiration for their paintings. The hills of Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge were particularly popular motifs. Once you see them, you will understand why.


When you leave the Faaborg Museum for Fyn Art at Grønnegade 75, turn left and continue along Grønnegade. Then turn right onto Klostergade. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Markedspladsen.

You will soon come to Sundvejen, where you need to turn left. Follow the path alongside Sundet (the Sound), a re-created lake that is home to a rich population of birds. The path itself is known locally as ‘Sundstien’.

The next time you turn, you will be stepping onto the Archipelago Trail itself, so keep an eye out for the Archipelago Trail signs (see Walk 3 in the book entitled The Archipelago Trail – A walking tour of the South Fyn Archipelago). After walking around 4 km, you will come to the Archipelago Trail; turn left onto it.

After a further 2 km, you will reach a lookout tower where there is also a small exhibition about the Fyn Painters. In addition, you can buy a hot cup of coffee and other tasty refreshments from Kiosk Skovtrolden and Restaurant Skovlyst.

Dronebillede af landskabet i Svanninge Bakker set i en flot solnedgang.

Photo:Destination Fyn

The landscape as a motif

Fully refreshed, you can continue on your way out into the hills of Svanninge Bakker. Follow the signposted paths through the area for an excellent introduction to this dramatic landscape.

The hills of Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge are known collectively as ‘The Fyn Alps’ and provide the opportunity to experience one of the most distinctive landscapes in Denmark. Carved out during the last ice age, it fascinated the South-Fyn Painters, and it still thrills the numerous nature lovers who come here to admire the extraordinary scenery.

Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge are of great significance from the perspective of natural history, and are well worth a closer look in and of themselves. They form an area of countryside that is undergoing a major change, with stretches of woodland progressively being converted back into original common land, ponds and bogs. The intention is to boost the varied and fascinating flora and fauna that live here.

It is no great surprise that the artists were enchanted by this natural drama and repeatedly drew inspiration from its motifs and atmosphere in their works.

In the mood for more art?

Are you up for more hiking and art? Then get ready to meet a number of contemporary Fyn artists. Here are some of the artists you can visit at their galleries and studios in and around Faaborg. If you have done enough hiking for one day, you can drive out to see them instead:

Tilde Louise Carlsen, Artist

Tilde Louise Carlsen lives on South Fyn, close to the Archipelago Trail and the sea. She is more than happy to welcome visitors to her studio. To make an appointment, contact KKArt on +45 6617 9758,

Ulf Nielsen, Ceramic Artist

Ulf Nielsen is based in the heart of the old part of Faaborg. You can drop by his shop at Bøjestræde 7 or call to arrange a visit on +45 2568 3653,

Else and Jørgen Hinke, Painters

These artists open their studio from 11.00 through 17.00 on the last Sunday of each month or by arrangement, call +45 2332 7440. You can also find their details under Kunst (Art) at

Other artists

For details of other artists, see Kunstportalen for Fyn (The Art Portal for Fyn) at