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Hofmansgave Museum

The Hofman-Bang sisters were the last residents of Hofmansgave, and they were talented artists - you can still see their art in their sketch museum!

The Sketch Museum at Hofmansgave is a painting and sculpture exhibition of the sisters Hofman-Bang's works.
The sisters became the last occupants of the manor.

Ausa Hofmang-Bang made very vivid sculptures, and her sister Ellen Hofman-Bang was recognized in her time for her national-historical works depicting i.a. Queen Margrethe I, her church decoration assignments and the illustrations for the Golden Picture Bible. She had works at the Charlottenborg exhibition for almost 50 years.

The museum is located in one of the estate Hofmansgave's former farm buildings.

It is open from Easter to October from sunrise to sunset.
Entrance DKK 10