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Jeppe Budtz - billedkunstner

Jeppe Budtz paints abstract expressive and colouristic motifs with oil paint.

Jeppe Budtz invites you into his gallery where he exhibits his paintings, where abstract expressive works and colouristic compositions adorn the gallery.

The gallery is open every weekday from 10:00 to 17:00. If you would like to visit outside of these hours, you are more than welcome to call 30139926 and Budtz will be happy to open the door for you.

Staggered Landscapes

Jeppe Budtz's paintings, done in oil colours, express different moods and landscapes. Each image tells a story, created by layer upon layer of colours and textures. You will experience landscapes that seem to dance with the light and abstract shapes that let your imagination fly free.


Jeppe says "As a visual artist, my interest is the colouristic. I paint both oil and acrylic and try to achieve beauty and harmony in the expressionistic expression. I have been painting for many years and have exhibited in several places."