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Kayak houses on Ærø island

If you bring your kayak to Ærø, you can store it in one of Ærø's two kayak houses for a small deposit.

The kayak houses are both located at the marinas:

In Ærøskøbing: Strandvejen 8, 5970 Ærøskøbing

In Marstal: Taget 4, 5960 Marstal

You can pick up a key at either Ærøskøbing Visitor Service or Marstal Visitor Service, where you also leave a deposit of DKK 200. You can store your kayak in the houses for a maximum of three days.

If you arrive outside the tourist information centre's opening hours, you can contact Hans Eriksen, member of Marstal Kajakklub, on telephone +45 28 49 72 79.

Please note that the kayak houses may not be used for longer stays or overnight stays.