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Lalou Wine Bar in Pogestræde

At Lalou wine bar, it is possible to try wines that are sourced from all over Europe, from regions where the owners and staff have either travelled to, lived in or tasted themselves forward to. Therefore at this small wine bar on Pogestræde, you can enjoy a tried and tested,- good glass of wine, or even a bottle if the occasion is right.

On top of wine, it is also possible to order side dishes from a select menu, which complement the wine and its flavours. The select menu includes dishes such as French cheese, Nordic salmon, Spanish sardines, classic tartare, olive and nut dishes, and bread, among others.

Lalou Wine Bar also caters to private events, as well as company events, matching your needs in terms of atmosphere and/or budget. There are furthermore in-house created events, such as wine-tasting from a unique region or wine-tasting of a specific type of grape. It is also possible to buy a gift card of either 500.- or 1000.- DKK directly on their website.

Unfortunately their website is only in Danish, but if you would like to learn more, visit their website here, or if you'd like to simply book a wine tasting, book here. If you would prefer to just see some photos or follow them, view their instagram account here.