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Langelands Revyen

Annual amateur revue in the Ørsted Pavilion with the best stories from the past year at Langeland

Welcome behind the scenes

Langelands Revyforening was founded in 2000 and aims to organise an annual amateur revue. The revue is usually performed in the spring at ØP, and there are 6 performances over a week.

All members do a huge amount of voluntary work to ensure the annual revue.

Rehearsals always start in early January, but by then many have already started preparing for the revue. Texts are written and a lot of things are planned.

There are so many different tasks that need to be done in order for the revue to take place. There are people on stage, backstage and in the dressing room. Someone has to direct, choreograph, write lyrics and sew costumes.

There's food to be cooked, sound and lighting to be controlled, sets to be made and posters to be drawn. Selling beer, making programmes and much, much more.