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Langelandsfotografernes Efterårsudstilling

Traditionen tro er det fotograferne der i oktober og november måned er på plakaten på Nowhuset’s efterårsudstilling.

15 photographers welcome autumn

It has become a tradition that autumn is celebrated with a photo exhibition in Galleri Nowhuset in Tullebølle. 

Starry sky, sun and moon

Astrophotographer Jakob Arthur Andersen is one of the six. After all, Astro means star, and Jakob captures the night sky and landscapes with a camera, binoculars and a very long telephoto - wonderful pictures of, among other things, the moon, the sun and the milky way.

Cityscape images

The art photographer couple Jacob Surland and Karen Vesterager make metropolitan images, most often portraits of buildings or cityscapes. They work with light, shadow and color exactly like the classic painters, only with digital brushes.

Portraits with a twist

Ebbe Rosendahl and Ole Christiansen are experienced portrait photographers. Ebbe exhibits black and white pictures of his muse and Ole has provided the motif for the exhibition's poster. He has made album covers for several Danish bands.

Fine art photography

Per Valentin, international art photographer, often portrays people and likes to get up close. He is familiar with all techniques and is chairman of the Society for Danish Photography.

Painting with light

photography is a Greek word which means drawing or painting with light - and all 15 of them enthusiastically do this, both the guests and the local photographers. They paint with the light.

There is a screening on Friday 6 October at 16 - 18.


Photographers' Autumn Exhibition.
Nowhuset, Skolevej 10, Tullebølle, 5953 Tranekær.

Friday 6 Oct. to Saturday 18 Nov.
Opening hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 10-17. NOTE: Open every day during the autumn holidays, week 42 at 10-17.

Free access.

Read more: www.nowhuset.dk

Langeland photographers: Alfio Bonanno, Chresten Kruchov, Grethe Therkelsen, Hans Sturesson, Hans-Henrik Wienberg, Jan Nielsen, John Rasmussen, Marie Wöldike and Torben Jansen.

Guest photographers: Ebbe Rosendahl, Jacob Surland & Karen Vesterager, Jakob A. Andersen, Ole Christiansen and Per Valentin.