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The Little Belt hiking path 27 km

Follow the Little Belt's fascinating waters along the Funen coastline

Denmark's most beautiful trek stretches for 27 kilometers around Middelfart. You will also pass many of the most fabulous types of landscapes Denmark has to offer; Open fields, forests, coastline cliffs, beaches, harbours and Middelfart's urban scene.

The path starts and ends in northern Strib and Gamborg in the south. Along the way, wanderers will experience the wide variety of nature and cultural wonders from which Middelfart, its surrounding cities and the Hindsgavl Peninsula have become famous for - Especially when walking past Staurby forest, the coastline at Hindsgavl Castle and the natural tramping-trail running from Skrillinge to Gamborg. 

Along the path many small, peaceful stops and viewpoints allows for an enjoyable lunch break. If your legs are completely exhausted from wandering, the different restaurants and cafés on the Hindsgavl peninsula are never far off the path, while campsites will happily offer a field or a cabin for a rest. 

The path has been built following LQT standards (Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe), and an LQT-certificate will be applied for once its total length reaches 50 kilometers.

Along the way you can follow the blue signs with white walking men, which have been set up along the entire trail. Be aware that owners of the ground lots on which the path runs, might entirely block off the path because of hunting or otherwise dangerous work. 

In case the weather is nice enough for a swim, access to the private beaches are allowed. As long as your stay does not exceed one day, you stay more than 50 meters away from holiday homes and do not use private jetties. 

The lot owners along with the rest of Middelfart appreciate your consideration for the nature in the area, and ask you to:

  • Stay within the confines of the 2 meter-wide marked path
  • Keep your dog leashed
  • Bring your trash along to the trashcan
  • Protect fauna and flora

Happy trekking!