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Lundsgaard forest

Visit the beautiful Lundsgaard Forests in Kerteminde

The forests offer many kilometers of roads that are particularly suitable for both cycling, walking and jogging. A road network of 10 km takes you around the three forests; Holmeskov, Tværbæk Lund and Storskov. A total of 2.5 km2 of forest with flora, fauna, historical monuments within easy reach and a fantastic location close to Kerteminde and Storebælt's blue beaches.

Lots of animals live in the area, including wild game and hares, and for their sake and nature's sake, we ask you to use the roads when you stay in Lundsgaard's forests.

About the forests

Holmeskov, Tværbæk Lund and Storskov; The reputation of First, Second and Third Forests goes back a long way. Until around 1920, foresters considered the forests to be Denmark's best deciduous forests.
After Reunification, the honor went to Kobbelskov in Southern Jutland, until it was destroyed during the hurricane in October 1967. Then Lundsgaard was again in a distinguished first place. In 1999, another hurricane put an end to that fact. Today, there is not much left of the forest from the 20s, but a new generation of beech trees is growing big and strong.
Lundsgaard's forests are utility forests and form part of the estate's operation together with surrounding agriculture.