Maritime attractions on Fyn

A very special thing about Fyn is the archipelago surrounding the island. We have chosen five of the best maritime attractions for all of those who cannot get enough of the sea and the life beneath the surface.

Øhavsmuseet in Faaborg
Photo: Ard Jongsma

Øhavsmuseet in Faaborg

Feel the Magic

Nature has always played a central part in the lives of humans. However, in course of time, industrialisation and urbanisation have estranged us from the very same nature. Therefore, Ø...

Photo: Andreas Bastiansen

Svendborg Museum

Hos Svendborg Museum er der særligt fokus på søfart, lystsejlads, skibsbygning og andre havne- eller søfartsrelaterede aktiviteter som er en del af den sydfynske kulturarv. 

Marstal Søfartsmuseum
Photo: Maria Fynsk Norup

Marstal Søfartsmuseum

Visiting Marstal Maritime Museum is like a journey through Danish maritime history from the 1600s up until today. 

Green ExperienceFjord & Bælt
Photo: Fjord&Bælt

Fjord & Bælt

A world of unique experiences with sea animals for children & adults


Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter

Explore the exhibitions in the museum itself or learn how to sail a smakkejolle (a special kind of dinghy). Lots of fantastic experiences awaits you! You can also go on a seal safari and try the many Kys Frøen (Kiss the frog) activities.

To personer i havet med snorkeludstyr viser fund fra havbunden frem. Der er overskyet og gråt.
Photo: Destination Fyn


Go out in the archipelago with archaeologists and experience the magical world beneath the surface, where the remains of the Stone Age landscape hide. You can also experience the landscape of Southfyn from a bike or get a historic guided tour of Svanninge Bakker (Svanninge Hills)