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Mountain bike in Svanninge Bakker

South Funen Alper MTB consists of Svanninge Bakker MTB tracks and Gåsebjerg Sand Bikepark.

The two facilities have been established in collaboration between the Danish Nature Agency, South Funen Alper Sti and Track Builders, Faaborg Midtfyn Municipality and Geopark The South Funen Archipelago.

Svanninge MTB tracks consist of a network of tracks where you can combine loops depending on desire and abilities. At the selected nodes, you can select your route. The hubs are also good pointers and meeting places. Changing "shortcuts" make it possible to shorten the route or make a shorter route to a particular junction.

"Return routes" allows you to get back to a previously passed junction. A continuous blue main course called the Mammoth Trail, forms the main strain of the network. Along the Mammoth Trail, stop at audio stations and get tales of the area.