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Munkebo hill

Munkebo Bakke has one of the best views on Fyn. It is a great place to bring a picnic and enjoy your lunch looking over the fjord and city.

Munkebo Bakke was formed during the ice age and stands at 58 meters above sea level, which means that the view from the tower is remarkable. On sunny days, you are able to see to Romsø, the small uninhabited island right outside Kerteminde.

In the Viking age, the hill had a strategic placing and was a guarding post for the village around Kertinge Nor and Kerteminde Fjord. It was especially the settlement by Ladby, where you can see the only Vikinge Shipgrave in Denmark, that enjoyed the hill. On top of the hill, the Vikings could see if there were any approaching ship in the fjord or Great Belt. Excavations and detector finds have shown that there have been permanent buildings since the Iron Age.

It is free to visit Munkebo Hill, and the door to the tower is always open, so feel free to go inside to get a look at the beautiful view.