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Museum: Koelbjergmanden & the Ice Age

Museum for Koelbjerg Man and the Ice Age

Opposite the Terrarium lies the Museum for Koelbjerg Man and the Ice Age. The museum tells the story of the formation of the Ice Age in the Vissenbjerg Hills and of Koelbjerg Man, who lived 10,500 years ago and is the oldest human skeletal find in Northern Europe.


Museum's Stories:

  • Life in the Stone Age 10,500 years ago when Koelbjerg Man lived
  • The Ice Age with a special focus on the formation of the Ice Age in the Vissenbjerg Hills


Koelbjerg Man

Koelbjerg Man is the oldest find of human skeletal parts in Northern Europe.

Koelbjerg Man stands as vivid as when he died in the bog 10,500 years ago. Based on the latest DNA studies and the found skeletal parts, an accurate life-sized figure has been created.

There is a display case with the skeletal parts found in a bog in Koelbjerg in 1941 by peat diggers. Especially the skull is very well-preserved.

There are several videos that tell the story of life in the Stone Age and the discovery of Koelbjerg Man.

There are processed objects from the Stone Age found on Funen.


The Ice Age

A miniature landscape with laser lights tells the story of three periods: the Ice Age, the Stone Age, and the year 1941 when Koelbjerg Man was found.

There are models of the Ice Age formation of the Vissenbjerg Hills as well as an animation "Vissenbjerg Hills in the Ice Age" showing the geological formation.

You can view the animation on your smartphone as you walk along the marked Ice Age trail in the Vissenbjerg Hills.

5 animations show different Ice Age phenomena.


Opening Hours

Open all year round:

  • Winter (13/10 2023 to 28/6 2024): 10.00 AM - 4.00 PM
  • Summer (29/6 2024 to 7/8 2024): 10.00 AM - 5.00 PM