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The Music House on Bogense Harbour

The folk bands play so you can sing along and get in a good mood - join the good atmosphere and live music in the Music House at Bogense Harbour!

The Music House at the harbour in Bogense is a nice place with a good atmosphere, where everyone is welcome.

You can hear different bands, but Knud Skægs Musikforsyning are the regulars here.

You should also not miss singing together in the small cozy house. When there's singing, 7 musicians perform a show and everyone is welcome to come and sing along.

There are song sheets in the house. Come well in advance.

There is free admission. Remember to bring your own drinks.

The house is owned by Knud 'Beard' Jørgensen. It is an old fishing house that has been renovated and insulated so it can be used all year round.

Program for 2023

There are currently no official events scheduled, so keep an eye on the sign in front of the house to see if there are concerts and sing-alongs.