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At Naturama, you can experience giant whale skeletons, hundreds of birds, polar bears, wolves, and wild boars. All presented as a complete experience with light, sound, and film. The museum's café offers delicious dining experiences for both adults and children. On the numerous terraces, you can enjoy the sun, and there is plenty of space for playful children.

Special Exhibition 2023 EGGS

The first special exhibition of the year at Naturama showcases fantastic examples of the many variations of bird eggs - from completely round to elongated, from white to vibrant colors and beautiful patterns.

Bird eggs have been the target of egg collectors. The eggs have inspired precious art objects and paintings created by the world-renowned bird painter Johannes Larsen, who can also be experienced in the special exhibition.

Naturama's guides are always ready with good stories and activities.

Their wish is that your visit inspires you to take care of nature. Enjoy!