Et barn i flyverdragt står ved siden af en bænk omgivet af marker. Illustrationer af en troldmand og en ulv.

Take the kids on an adventure in nature

Photo: Natureventyr

The app Natureventyr features fun stories experienced as treasure hunts along kid-friendly routes in the beautiful Funen countryside. 

Did you know that Svanninge Hills were created when giant dragons settled down and melted the ice in the area with their dragon fire?

At least that's the story according to the Natureventyr app when you explore the Funen nature with their sound-based treasure hunt in your headphones.

With Natureventyr, you can experience a range of uniquely written adventures along specific routes, with new ones added regularly.

As your guide, the app takes you through the adventures chapter by chapter. The narrative incorporates things kids can see, hear, and touch, sprinkled with fun challenges for both children and adults, making the walk an engaging play.

Natureventyr is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.


Adventure at Your Fingertips

The app provides all the information you need for a family adventure in nature. You can find parking details, facilities at the location, and the route to follow in the area.

The stories in Natureventyr are based on the culture, nature, and history of various areas, but with a healthy dose of imagination.

For example, at the beautiful natural area Stige Ø, the old landfill is transformed into King Scrap's Realm. By sprinkling a layer of imagination and fun challenges over your walks, you'll easily avoid tired little legs.

Some adventures in the app are free, thanks to Natureventyr's collaboration with the local municipality. Others cost 25 kroner to unlock.

To små børn i flyverdragter midt en skov.


Go explore with Natureventyr on Fyn and the Islands

Bogense's Green Heart: The Little Boy and the Mermaid
A tale of a little boy's great adventure to save a lost mermaid, sparked by an innocent pee in the town's stream.

Bogense Old Town: The Mystery of the Missing Bell
Join a boy and the multitalented detective Finn de Ville to solve the mystery of Bogense's missing town hall bell.

Staurby Forest: When Laura's Little Brother Became a Changeling 
Follow Laura’s race through the forest to find her brother, replaced in his stroller by a troll child. Laura's brother has been swapped for a troll child, and now she and the troll child must venture together to find the trolls’ forest to bring her brother back home.

Hindsgavl Castle: The Bookworm Frederik and the Great Feud
Join the bailiff's son, Frederik, on a dangerous mission to end a foolish conflict with the forest folk king.

Assens City and Sugar Meadow: The Hunt for Captain Fahnø's Last Treasure
Adventure with Jens, Juliane, and an old pirate captain in search of the captain's final and greatest treasure.

Trunderup Forest: The Battle for Vatlandi
In this adventure, you'll travel to the magical land of Vatlandi, now occupied by an evil king and his army of soldiers and trolls. Journey through the forest to help Cecilia deliver a sacred sword to the noble King Magnus, so he can reclaim Vatlandi.

Svanninge Hills: Fox Ingolf in Dragon Valley
Help a cunning little fox and wizard Tatonka find the stolen fire of dragon Dagfrid, taken by vile night elves.

Rødme Pigsties: Tatonka and the Troll's Strength
Join young wizard apprentices Tatonka and Sigrid on a quest for a troll hair, the final ingredient for a magical potion for their exams.

Svendborg Center: The Mermaid Mystery and the Magic Compass
Follow friends Juliane and Jens on a frantic city chase to solve the mermaid’s riddle and earn a spot on a pirate captain's ship.

Skansen by Vindebyøre: Juliane and the Journey to the Future Join Juliane, a foundling raised by the ear people, on a perilous journey into the spirit land to find her future.

Christiansminde: Captain Fahnø and the Lost Treasure
Follow miller's boy Jens on an early morning adventure to help old pirate Captain Fahnø find a lost treasure.

Konabbe Forest: When Miss Ellen Disappeared
In this adventure, join stable boy Andreas and a cunning, adventurous fox as they venture into the forest to rescue Miss Ellen, kidnapped by enormous, repulsive trolls. A ghost from a distant past will also lend a hand in their quest.

Strandvænget Park: Tatonka Saves the Wizards' Land
Follow the apprentice wizard Tatonka in an urgent quest to ignite the flame on Kings' Bridge before the devil's offspring can cross it.

Bytoften, Langeskov: Asgot and the Red Shield
Embark on a perilous journey with Viking boy Asgot to the great bog to beseech the gods for the red shield, essential for protecting him from a deadly illness and saving his life.

Sejerskov by Fruens Bøge: Lucas and the Great Expedition
Adventure with Lucas and the fairy Falk Fjord on a discovery journey in the forest. Along the way, Lucas learns about the importance of untidiness in nature and ways to care for the myriad of plant and insect species needing habitats.

Åløkkeskoven: Ulrik Owl's Big Party
Join Bjarne the Squirrel Policeman as he delves into the forest to unravel a mystery and rescue Ulrik Owl's grand birthday celebration from those who have stolen food and decorations under cover of night.

Hole Forest: Ellen and the Journey to the Wishing Tree
Meet Ellen, a cautious girl who decides to overcome her fear by venturing into the forest to seek the Wishing Tree. Legend says that climbing through the tree's two trunks can grant a wish.

Stige Ø: The Battle for King Scrap's Castle
Traverse King Scrap's realm to liberate his castle from the clutches of the avaricious Count Gyldendorff. Join kitchen boy Alfred and Princess Trash of King Scrap in rallying the island's people, sea eagles, and clever moles for the fight.

Seden Strandby: The Mystery of the Lost Natterjack Toad
In this story, join Fie and the fairy Falk Fjord in unraveling the mystery of the missing natterjack toad, Sebastian. Fie learns why Sebastian moved away and why there's new hope for his return to Seden Strandby.

Eventyrhaven and Munke Mose: The Journey to the Land of Eternity
Listen to the tale of Jens, who embarks on a fantastical journey to the Land of Eternity to bid farewell to his storyteller grandmother.

Odense Center: The Flower Prince's Transformative Journey
Follow elf Kelvin, who lives a peaceful life among the roots of trees. When his best friend Sunbeam fails to return from an adventure, Kelvin sets out on a quest to find him.

Glisholm Lake: Vita and the Wonderful Water
Join Vita, a girl who adores nature and the bird-filled lake, on a quest to restore the lake's magic, which purifies dirty water. Together with water elf Storm, Vita seeks to bring back the magic so that the animals and plants can once again have clean water.

Dallund Castle: Fox Lady Ulla and the Dragon
Follow Fox Lady Ulla and her friend, squirrel Birk, as they set out to rescue a real dragon from the dragon hunters led by Lord Günther Didrik.

Otterup City Forest, North Funen: Fox Ingolf in the Bird Forest Experience the story of Fox Ingolf and blue tit Paul, as they free the bird king from a troll bandit and save the bird forest.


Fuglsang Beach: The Story of the World's Strongest Plate
In this adventure, join Talia as she ventures into the witch's enchanted forest to find the recipe for the world's strongest plate, which could save her family's Plate Throwing School from bankruptcy.

Flyvesandet: The Dragon at the End of the World
Embark on a fantastic journey with witch Sigrid to rescue a dragon that has lost its way and is being hunted by sinister dragon hunters.

Glavendrup Grove: Harald and the Great Rune Stone
Follow Viking boy Harald and the grove's guardian, Mads, as they navigate the grove to discover who is trying to steal the enormous rune stone.


Vissenbjerg Hills: Tatonka and the Magical Spring
Join wizard apprentice Tatonka on a quest to find a magical spring that is vital for curing a sick Komodo dragon at Professor Vekselvarm's reptile laboratory.

Frøbjerg Bavnehøj: Aya and the Gods' Trial
In this story, Freya's magical necklace, Brisingamen, has disappeared, and the giant Loki is suspected of the theft. Join the journey to the hill where the gods convene to decide Loki's fate in a trial.

Skårup Forest Mill and Svendborg Nature and Environmental School: The Message in a Bottle and the Magical Apple Juice Follow forest children Ask and Pil as they receive a message in a bottle from sailor Juliane. Her captain is ill, and she requests their magical apple juice. Ask and Pil venture through the forest to find the wise old woman Silva who can make the magical juice.

Søbygaard, Ærø: Tatonka and the Hunt for the White Lady Experience the tale of when wizard apprentice Tatonka was called to the old manor to solve a mighty ghostly disturbance.