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Nørregade Bike Shop

Nørregade Bike Shop offers the purchase of new bicycles, the repair of bicycles, and the daily rental of bicycles. You are always ensured fast and good help.

Nørregade Bike Shop offers
At Nørregade Bike Shop you get a great service. Here you can both buy your next bike and get the one you already have repaired. At Nørregade Cykler you will find a large selection of new and great bikes, and the staff is ready to advise you on which bike to buy next. When you need your current bike repaired, you can securely go to Nørregade Cykler, as you will get good service and, depending on what you need done, the repair will also be quick, so you can get on with your day. In addition, you also have the option to pump your bike yourself right outside the bike shop. This is super optimal, as Nørregade Bike Shop is so centrally located in Odense. Another service you can take advantage of is the day rental of bicycles that Nørregade Bike Shop offers. Then you have plenty of opportunity to get around Odense and see the city from a cycling perspective.

Nørregade Bike Shop is centrally located in the city centre of Odense. A cosy city centre with lots of atmosphere and only a stone's throw from the old quarter, which is also close to the new H.C. Andersens House. From Nørregade Bike Shop you are within cycling distance to everything Odense has to offer. Furthermore, the bicycle shop is close to Odense Railway Station, so if you come by train and have your bike with you, it is not far from Nørregade Bike Shop if your bike should need a repair.

Odense as a cycling city
If you live in the centre of Odense, or are visiting here, it is convenient for you to get your bike repaired at Nørregade Bike Shop. There is always good and fast service so you can get on with your day. Bike shops like Nørregade Bike Shop help make Odense the bike city that it is. In Odense, the many students cycle to the university and all the other educational establishments to be found in Odense. As you can rent bikes on a daily basis from Nørregade Bike Shop you get to feel how Odense really is a cycling city.