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North Atlantic Shop

Butik Nordatlanten is a lovely shop located by the port of Odense in Nordatlantisk Hus. As the shop is located in a cultural building with changing exhibitions, a wonderful dining area and cultural events, the shop has a very special atmosphere and unique goods from the North Atlantic.

In the shop, we have a large selection of products not sold elsewhere in Odense. We sell art, crafts, jewellery, clothing, books, delicacies, souvenirs and many other items.

Many of the items we sell in Butik Nordatlanten are carefully selected based on the artist, the design, the craftsmanship and the story behind them. As we deal with the uniqueness of the North Atlantic as our starting point, sustainable design is particularly relevant in the production and use of materials.

At Butik Nordatlanten, we sell several items in sealskin. There are slippers, whole skins, sealskin accessories, jewellery, purses, bags and key rings. Sealskin is a sustainable material, as all Great Greenland brand sealskins are caught by Greenlandic Inuit fishermen along and with the Greenlandic coast. All skins are tanned at Great Greenland's tannery in South Greenland. All sealskins comply with EU legislation on sealskins.

In Butik Nordatlanten, you will also find bags in sealskin, handmade here in Odense. These bags are made of recycled materials in high quality and unique design. We sell jewellery made of stingray skin, jewellery with Greenland rubies and jewellery made of musk horn.

If you visit Shop North Atlantic during the cold months, you will find sealskin slippers, gloves and mittens for both children and adults. All our sealskin items are popular and unique, as no two skins are the same. We also sell knitwear from the Faroe Islands for the colder months.

Shop North Atlantic also has something for the youngest customers. Among other things, we sell books aimed at children and creative souls. Stories for children with opportunities for creative expression and musical interludes. We sell Faroese dress-up dolls in their beautiful national costumes and colouring books in various shapes.

Isaksen Design is one of the clothing brands we sell at Butik Nordatlanten. Isaksen Design is a Danish brand that uses natural materials of good quality in its collections. Beautiful and classic design. The goods are produced in factories that treat their employees with care and respect.

Shop Nordatlanten has a varied selection of ceramics and art for the walls. In addition to handmade art, we also sell beautiful posters and prints from our artists who have exhibited in the North Atlantic House.

We look forward to seeing you!