See the animals right up close at Odense Zoo

Photo: VisitFyn

Look a red panda in the eye, listen to the tigers roar, and feel the touch of a rough, blue giraffe tongue on your hand. At Odense ZOO, you can meet the animals “up close and personal”, look out over the park from the towering treetops, and give in to the joy of fun and games for all ages.

Odense ZOO is one of the most popular attractions of all on Fyn. One of the things that makes it such a draw is that it allows you to see the animals right up close and observe them in natural, relaxing surroundings.

Odense ZOO is one of the green oases in the capital of Fyn, located just outside the city centre. The grounds are built up around a variety of habitats designed to be as true to life as possible. As you walk around the zoo, you have the chance to get right up close to the animals while simultaneously enjoying the sense of actually being on the Savannah, in Antarctica, or trekking through the jungle.

En lille dreng med grøn jakke og kasket står med hænderne i lommerne og kigger på pingviner i et glasbur.


At Odense ZOO, you can meet penguins, manatees and the animals of the Savannah

The list of animals you can see at Odense Zoo is remarkably long. In fact, more than 130 species call the zoo home and the facility houses more than 2,000 individual animals. See the tiger sunbathing on his favourite rock, keep an eye on the pride of lions from the walkway, watch the young chimpanzees play tricks on their adult companions, and visit the Oceanium with its fascinating manatees and agile penguins.

Odense ZOO viewed from the treetops

Fancy a walk in the woods – 12 metres up in the air? Come along, enjoy the view and go exploring among the treetops high above Odense ZOO. Bøgetoppen is the name of a 250-metre walk from one treetop to the next at a height of 6–12 metres, with magnificent views out over Odense Zoo, the nearby houses and, of course, the enchanting beech woods.

The walk takes you from tree to tree via aerial walkways and platforms firmly anchored to the sturdy tree trunks. The route features a total of ten platforms, the highest of which is fully 12 metres above ground level. As you make your way along Bøgetoppen, you can learn a bit about the Danish countryside and find out more about the plants and animals that live at the top and bottom of the trees.

Mange mennesker er ude at sejle med Odense Aafart på en solskinsdag. Båden er hvid og rød og træerne omkring er grønne.


Sail to Odense ZOO with Odense Aafart

“Charming” is an adjective that you are sure to use repeatedly when describing Odense ZOO. The numerous trees, flowers and areas of lawn create an excellent setting for the special experience that a visit to the zoo always provides. Odense Å river winds its way through the zoo, so what could be more charming than to take one of the Odense Aafart boats from Munke Mose to Odense ZOO? 

En lille dreng med grøn jakke og kasket fodrer en giraf med en bambusgren. En kvinde sidder på hug ved siden af drengen, smiler og kigger på.


Feed the giraffe or watch the keepers training the animals

One of the highlights of any day out at the zoo is to watch the animals being fed and trained by their keepers. Click here for a list of which animals are fed, and when. If you would like to have a go at being an animal keeper, you can buy an extra ticket for the chance to feed the giraffes yourself

En lille dreng leger i et springvand en varm dag. I baggrunden sidder der mange mennesker på en betontrappe og nyder det gode vejr.


Playgrounds in Odense Zoo

There are playgrounds equipped with a variety of playthings in several places at the zoo, and our youngest visitors always enjoy taking a little pit stop on their trip around the park. One of the best playgrounds is in the area around Chunga restaurant, where you will find plenty of challenges for the little ones – and for slightly older children, too. Sit down, relax and enjoy some refreshments while the kids burn off some energy.

En pige tager en stor mundfuld af en burger.


Food and drink in Odense ZOO

You are most welcome to bring packed lunches and drinks with you to Odense ZOO, which has numerous charming places where you can sit down and enjoy a picnic. Of course, you can always visit the different eateries at the zoo as well. Right next to the large playground stands restaurant Chunga, which is open 365 days a year. This is the perfect place to take a break after an energetic bout of play, enjoy a delicious burger made from top-quality local ingredients, or tuck into a tasty salad. Or how about a ZOO packed lunch filled with all the little ones’ favourites ? The opening hours of the other eateries vary depending on the day and season. For example, the atmospheric Café Dyrhaven – which is set in delightful surroundings overlooking Odense Å river – is open in the summer holidays. If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, make sure to call in at Safari Coffee To Go near the giraffe enclosure.

Find your way to Odense ZOO

Odense ZOO is located in the Dalum area of Odense, i.e. just outside the city centre and close to the motorway. There is free parking for zoo visitors directly opposite the entrance. Find out more about transport to Odense ZOO.

We hope that this has whet your appetite to visit Odense ZOO. If you’d like to read more about this wonderful attraction, have a look here.