Ørbæklunde Manor

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Castles and manor houses
Ørbæklunde was founded by the fusing of several farms. In the early 1500 Ørbæklunde got manor status.

Ørbæklundevej 1

5853 Ørbæk


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In the 1500  Ørbæklunde belonged by the powerful noble family Friis. Ørbæklunde's main wing was built in 1560 by owner Henrik Friis.

The main building reminiscent of Renaissance buildings on Hesselagergård and Borreby listed by Henrik Friis' brother, Johan Friis.

The farm has since 1782 belonged to members of the genus Lange.

There is no public access to Ørbæklunde.


Ørbæklundevej 1

5853 Ørbæk


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