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Østrup Kirke

Østrup Church on Klintebjergvej close to Odense Fjord is a beautiful church from the Middle Ages, where everyone is welcome for a bit of peace and thoughtfulness - you too!

Østrup Church previously belonged to the manor Østrupgård.
The church is from around the 12th century.
In 1595 a new choir was built by Østrupgård's then owner Morten Skinkel. The choir contains a well-preserved headstone after Poul Skinkel, former owner of Østrupgård (died 1565) and his wife Ida Andersdatter.

Worth a look:

  • Altarpiece from the 18th century in rococo style
  • Pulpit from the Renaissance, approx. 1610
  • Granite baptismal font
  • Small crucifix from the Renaissance
  • Frescoes with St Peter and St Sebastian

In the church there is a light globe where you can light candles.
Østrup Church is a road church.