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Otterup Kirke

Otterup Church is a large and beautiful church, and it was already rebuilt and expanded in the Middle Ages. The church belonged to Nislevgård, and the owners made a mark on the church.

Otterup Church was originally built in 1150, but already in the Middle Ages it was expanded, and the old walls were broken down so the stones could be used for the reconstruction of a larger church.
The church tower was built in late Gothic times.
The youngest extension is the chapel from around 1914. Here are inserted 12 coffins from the former burial chapel, which was made for the noble family Sehestedt of Nislevgård.

Worth a look:
- The altarpiece is from 1951, depicts the Return of Christ, and was made by Ellen Hofman-Bang from the North Funen manor Hofmansgave
- Silver altarpieces were donated to the church in 1730 by Christian Sehestedt and his wife, the owners of Nislevgård
- Pulpit and heaven is a richly carved woodwork from 1616 with Johan Nielsen Friis' and wife Karen Krabbe's coat of arms; Johan Friis was a Funen sheriff whose family had owned Østrupgård outside Otterup.

If the church is closed, you can contact the sexton.