Otterup Museum

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When your great-great-grandparents were children - North Funen 100 years ago! Visit the nice museum to get insight into everyday life as it was back then.

Bakkevej 2B

5450 Otterup


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The oldest house in Otterup

Otterup Museum shows you how people lived on North Funen 100 years ago. It's a small but very nice museum, absolutely worth visiting.

The building is the oldest secular house in Otterup, built 1722 as a poor house, at that time called a hospital.
The museum has a permanent exhibition about life in the old days. Each year, there is a new exhibition.

Opening hours

13 June-end of August:

Thursday-Saturday at 11:00-14:00

Friday 15:00-17:00

Appointments outside the official opening hours can by made by contacting the attendant: Niels Henrik Nielsen, +45 6179 2716
or by e-mail:


Bakkevej 2B

5450 Otterup


Cultural history

Local History

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