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Palby Fyn Cup

Denmark's largest sailing race starts and ends in Bogense Harbour and Marina - and it's an amazing sight when hundreds of boats depart from Bogense Marina!

Palby Fyn Cup is Denmark's largest sailing race with hundreds of boats sailing around Funen starting from Bogense Marina - a journey of 135 nautical miles.

It's the sailor's party of the year, and it's a fantastic sight when the sailing starts, and the boats sail out from Bogense Marina - go out to the marina and see the beautiful boats and feel the foam from the high waves! You can also stand on the coast at Bogense and enjoy the impressive view.

In addition to sailing, there will be entertainment and activities at Bogense Marina. There is also an art exhibition with works on Norse mythology on the Eastern Pier.

See you on 31 May-2 June 2024!