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Riddlehunt in Assens

Join the Mystery Hunt in Assens Købstad

Solve riddles, crack codes, and uncover the mystery!

A terrible crime has been committed against Peter Willemoes. The naval hero, known for his fierce fight against the English fleet, plays a special and important part in Assens' history. But someone has wronged him – a ruthless thief has stolen his saber. Now you must help the police find the culprit so peace can return to the cozy town of Assens.

Communication and teamwork are key while you have an exciting experience and learn a lot about the local history of Assens.

What does a Mystery Hunt include?
1-2 hours of city walking tour with or without children while solving riddles. Exciting for the whole family – for children and adults of all ages from 6 years and up. Children under 6 years join for free.

You will receive a variety of riddles, clues, and tasks to follow, all provided in a mystery book.

Note: You must return to the Tourist Office by 1:45 PM to solve the mystery.


Gådejagt i Assens