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Romsø Boat

The Romsø boat has crossings to Romsø in the summer.

The Romsø Boat is a fast-moving passenger boat with room for 17 passengers.

In the summer, the boat sails with a fixed sailing schedule, always book a place in advance. The boat can also be chartered for group trips.

Sailing to Romsø

Are you dreaming of a trip to Romsø? A quick trip, an evening trip or a guided tour? Visit Romsø Boat's website, where you will find the updated sailing schedule:

Romsøboat's Sailing Plan


There is no harbor on Romsø, only a jetty with a high bulwark. This means that the boat is unsettled when disembarking, depending on the size of the waves.

The difficult and physically demanding access conditions mean that you must be in good physical shape and have good strength in relation to your weight, so that you can manage the high steps and hold yourself steady and climb the bulwark in wind, rain and waves.

If you are in doubt as to whether you can cope with the above, a visit to Romsø is not recommended.