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Seatrout Risinge Hoved (23)

Leaving Kerteminde and heading south on the direction of Nyborg, you will see Risinge Hoved clearly after a few kilometres. 

Leaving Kerteminde and heading south on the road in the direction of Nyborg, you will see Risinge Hoved clearly after a few kilometres. Kerteminde Bugt bay culminates in a striking point. You don't need to have been fishing for sea trout for long before you realise that this kind of rocky protrusion from the coastline is always worth a visit. Park at the roadside, right where the road turns away from the water. Start fishing directly below where the car is parked, at the little green buildings. From here and for another 300+ metres out towards the promontory, this is a sure-fire spot in spring. In summer og atumn, the deep water out by the actual Risinge Hoved promontory is a better bet, however. Large rainbow trout, escaped from fish farms, are often caught here en spring, too.