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Shelter: Bjergagervej – Skårup

Between Skårup and the Archipelago Trail north of Skårupøre, you'll find a cozy shelter in Bjergager.

At the back of a garden, there is a shelter with a fireplace in a small grove. It's a little gem where you almost feel like you're in the deep woods, especially when the fire lights up and warms the cabin. There are pans and sticks for bread on sticks, so you can make your own pancakes or bread on sticks. Firewood is available around the cabin, and there are axes, saws, knives, and fire tools in the cabin.

Everything is prepared for you to have a wonderful experience in Bjergager, Skårup.

Facts about the site:

  • Number of sleeping places in shelter: max 5
  • Number of nights: The cabin can only be booked for one (1) night per trip.
  • Fireplace: Yes
  • Firewood: Can be taken/found on-site. (included in rental price)
  • Drinking water: Yes, tap at the main house (cold water)
  • Toilet: Yes, dry toilet (toilet paper, hand flush available)
  • Shower: No
  • Kitchen: No
  • Dog: No
  • Parking: Parking is not available at the address or on Bjergagervej (narrow road). The parking lot at Skårup SuperBrugs can be used. (distance 1.4 km)
  • Distance to Archipelago Trail: approx. 0.5 km.