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Shelter: Drejø Syd

On the south side of the beautiful island of Drejø, you will find this fantastic shelter site.

The water and the beach here are the best on the island, and the view towards Ærø is fantastic. That's why many locals also come here to swim – even in winter. During the summer months, the locals set up a bathing bridge. You can enjoy nature here at the site or take an unforgettable trip around the island. Drejø town and Gammelhavn are really worth a visit. In the town, there is both a grocery store, an inn, and the museum at Gl. Elmegaard. If you come to the island by ferry, you can walk along the water all the way to the shelter site along the path on the embankment. It is also allowed to pitch a tent on the site without prior booking. Tent accommodation is paid on-site. The site is owned and operated by Jonas Jespersen, a local Drejø resident.

Facts about the site:

  • Number of shelters: 3 (Stenbidder, Skrubbe 1, and Skrubbe 2)
  • Number of sleeping places in shelters: 8
  • Tent space: Yes, cannot be booked. Tent accommodation costs 30 DKK per person per night. Payment in cash or mobile pay 20232526
  • Drinking water: Must be fetched in Drejø town (approx. 500 m) or at the two harbors.
  • Toilet: Yes. Bring toilet paper.
  • Fireplace: Yes.
  • Firewood can be purchased at the site, otherwise call the number below.
  • Distance to the water: 15 m.
  • Landowner contact information: sthide@gmail.com Phone 20232526

If you have not booked but the shelters are available, you are welcome to stay overnight. In these cases, payment is made in the designated box on-site.