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Shipbuilding at Torvet with art2change

11+ 12/7: Build your own ship from recycled material

The joy of recycling

The Art2change organisation invites children and children at heart to a shipbuilding workshop on the square in Rudkøbing.

What's a summer without shipbuilding on the square in Rudkøbing? Boring, right?
That's why the Art2Change association has once again booked space for its popular event on Rudkøbing Square, where the Hippo Ballerina sculpture can help you put your imagination, hammer, nails and paintbrushes to work.

On Thursday 11 July and Friday 12 July from 11am to 3pm, children and their parents and grandparents will become miniature shipbuilders.

Will the ship sail long distances or is it a ferry to the islands of South Funen? Will it be propelled by sail or motor? And what's the best way to decorate the shipbuilder with strange wooden dowels and colourful paint?
The event is free and Art2Change is ready to lend a helping hand.

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