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Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea is an annual single-handed sailing event that circumnavigates the island of Funen close to the autumn equinox. Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea is the world's largest single-handed offshore category 3 regatta measured by the number of participants.

Participants come from all over Europe to compete for who can sail fastest around Funen - all alone in the boat. The record is 14 hours and 08 minutes, but most sailors take over a day to complete the journey. Even longer if the wind dies down. It's a full day in complete concentration. A battle against time, competitors, the elements, and one's own endurance.

The boats set sail on Friday morning, so come down to the harbor and witness the spectacular sight as the many boats start.

Sailors reach the finish line over the weekend, and from the shore, it's an impressive sight when all the boats come through Svendborg Sound with their colorful sails set.