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The Sourdough Bakery

Everything has to be fast and furious in the world we live in. The sourdough bread bakes bread that requires the exact opposite: lots of time - and a good portion of geekiness. Sourdough is the oldest known method of rising, invented long before we were as busy as we are today. That's why sourdough is definitely slow food - it needs time and attention to develop.

No two days are ever the same when you work with sourdough, and that's exactly why Rasmus Petersen of Surdejsbrødet loves baking with sourdough. Every new day, every new challenge - the dough behaves differently depending on the season, fluctuating humidity, the number of lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast cells in grain hulls, in the air and on the skin.

Organic flour
A truly great sourdough bread requires a sourdough that has been given optimal living conditions, and that requires the best ingredients according to Surdejsbrødet. Organic flour contains lots of microorganisms that help the sourdough to develop, resulting in great flavour. The germ and shell parts in the coarse flours add flavour, juice and power.

My bread always contains wholemeal flour, I can't bring myself to omit it, as bread contains nothing but flour, water and salt. Coarsely ground flour and sourdough is, in my opinion, the best recipe for the best bread! And it's my mission to take over the whole of Funen with organic, tasty sourdough bread. - Rasmus Petersen