The Tanner's House at Adelgade 54

Photo: Nina Flintegaard
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Adelgade 54

5400 Bogense

Hempels Gård/Hempels House in Adelgade

54 has had many different functions.

The town house dates back to the 18th century and housed a dye works in the 19th century.

The owners took fresh water from the town brook and piped the contaminated water back into it and into the sea.

Throughout the 20th century, it housed many different shops such as a butcher, a

coffee shop and a fishmonger. Today, the house is a private residence.

The Tanner’s House is a beautiful building and very well preserved. It has been placed on the national list of protected buildings.

It won a preservation prize in 1982 as a

beautiful example of gentle restoration.


Adelgade 54

5400 Bogense


Only visible from the outside

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