vandring på øhavsstien

Tips on planning your hiking trip

Photo: Destination Fyn

Here you will find our suggestion on what to pack when going on a three day/two nights hike in spring, summer or late summer.

Are you sleeping in a tent or hiking in winter, you will probably need more equipment than this listed below. Read more about this online or ask around in your local outdoor store. Remember to bring the archipelago trail guide book and the most recent maps.  

Clothing and equipment suggestions:

The inner layer

1-2 pairs of hiking socks

1 pair of inner socks (the so-called liners)

1-2 “super undershirts” – long-sleeves are good in windy conditions, but a short-sleeved works fine as well

1 pair of long johns (only if it is cold and you get cold easily)

1 thin shirt/t-shirt (this also works as a middle layer over the super undershirt)

The middle layer

It is always better to put on several thin layers than one thick. Unless it rains, you will typically only have on the inner layer and an thin outer layer. Make sure it is not too hot to have on, you will most definitely get warm when walking. In the evening it is nice to have on a warmer outer layer or several thin on top of each other as well as a jacket.

1 fleece or something warm (but not heavy)

1 waistcoat

1 pair of hiking trousers

The outer layer

1 jacket – wind and water resistant – according to the season and temperature

1 pair of waterproof trousers

1 pair of shorts – according to season and temperature


Your foodwear should ideally have a good sole with relief which makes you stand firm. The sole should also have a certain stiffness. This means that a regular running shoe is not ideal.

Boots or hiking shoes which support your ankles

Sandals that also can be used in the evening – according to season

Other equipment

A backpack for day trips – it is important that it is comfortable and has lots of pockets

A waterproof cape for your backpack if it is not waterproof

1 hat or cap with a wide brim



Lipbalm with a high SPF

Drinking bottle, 1 liter

Mosquito spray

Toilet paper, wet wipes and disinfection for your hands

Plaster – regular and for blisters (Compeed)

Other important stuff

A camera

Good books and a note book

Trail mix – nuts, chocolate and raisins