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Tree-climbing and Sleep over in nature

Sleep tight in the four poster bed of Mother Nature - www.klatretræ.dk

Hotels, hostels and camping are too ordinary. At the Hindsgavl peninsula at Middelfart, you and your entire family can spend the night in a hammock up in a 10 metres high beech tree.

Here is the opportunity to get close to life in the forest during the quiet hours.

The beds in the trees are comfortable hammocks. To ensure no falling out of the hammocks during your sleep, a security line is fastened at the person sleeping, to ensure a safe night. Moreover, the hammock can be covered with a tent or mosquito net.

You have a breath-taking view from the treetops and get very close to the birds and other animals of the forest during the early morning hours. The birds sit right next to you on branches and larger animals move around beneath you. They are not aware of humans up in the trees.


Tree-climbing is for everyone, families included, children from the age of five can participate. Experience is not needed.