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Ullemose Frugt

There's nothing lovelier than filling a dish with strawberries, baking a cake, and garnishing with currants or filling a fruit basket with fragrant apples.

Farm Shop

Come and visit their cozy farm shop, brimming with fresh, Danish fruit from the harvest season starting around September until the stores are empty at the end of March.

The farm shop is a former stable that has been renovated over several stages before ending up as a farm shop in 2009. The original woodwork is exposed, presenting itself as rustic timber framing and creating a cozy atmosphere.

In the farm shop, you can taste all of their fruit. The fruit grower is always ready to tell the story behind each variety and its journey into the Danish market. For example, hear the story of how Belida was developed for the 'cola generation.' The sweetness and crispness of the apple are exceptional.

Roadside Stand

Their self-service stall by the roadside is open every day from morning until evening. It is filled with seasonal fruits, juice, honey, syrup, and eggs from Maglemose.