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Viking Yule at the Iron Age Village

A Christmas walk through history - Our contemporary Christmas celebrations are deeply rooted in the religious practices, folklore, superstition and likely repetition of time-honoured traditions.

For Viking Christmas, we travel back through time in search of ancient celebrations and along the way we seek answers to big questions like: Who was Santa's predecessor and what does a Yule log have to do with Christmas? Grab your family under one arm and a Christmas basket under the other and go on a Christmas walk. Learn about your history and Christmas traditions, the dark side of Christmas and its pagan origins. And if you feel like it, you can enjoy many creative hours in the small workshops along the way.

At 13.00 you can join the nature guide on a hike "Between hibernation and folklore". Get close to nature as he shows and tells about what is happening in nature right now, spiced with old superstitions about animals, herbs and natural phenomena.

In the mornings at 11.00 am, he takes the children out and tries to find nature's smallest creatures and wake them up from their winter hibernation.

Get warm and cosy by the fire with a cup of coffee and "Idun's hot slices" - Viking-style apple slices baked over a fire. Throughout the day, we offer a little something for the throat when we invite you to a mead tasting and drink in the Christmas spirit.

Visit the rune thrower between 11.30-15.30 and let the runes guide you through the new year ahead.

True Nordic jólehygge in a quiet corner of the city where parking is not a problem. All activities are free once the entrance fee is paid.