Danmarks jernbanemuseum børn attraktion

Wheelchair-accessible holiday

Photo: Ard Jongsma

Inspiration for your vacation when having disabilities.

Vacations are for everyone, also when having disabilities. We have gathered some inspiration for overnight-stays and attractions, where the companies have shown a little extra consideration for people with disabilities. The you can research from the comfort of your home, what you want to experience. We have only listed a few examples, but there are plenty more businesses and attractions which are ready to welcome you.

If you want to explore more companies, have more details and pictures, you can check out Godadgang (accessdenmark.com)

We will update the experiences and companies on this site regularly, as we gain more information about accessibility.

Welcome to Fyn!


 If you are a group of wheelchair-users, you can contact Bergholdt Busser, which have larges buses available with lifts.  You can find contact information here

If you need a taxi, TaxaSyd, is the booking central on Fyn. Find your area, price and phonenumber here.

Fynbus operates the regional busses on Fyn. They have ramps, which the driver can help you with. You can check the timetables for departures at the stops, or online at Rejseplanen here - Rejseplanen. Rejseplanen is also available as an app. You can pay with cash in the busses, or buy tickets online here: Fynbus webshop

The Light Rail in Odense departs approx. every 7-10 minutes, and have designated spaces for wheelchair users and people with functional impairments. There is almost no difference in level of entrance to the carts. Tickets are the same as for the busses (see section above). Information available in danish here on accessibility in the Light Rail: Tilgængelighed for alle (odenseletbane.dk).


History and Culture on Fyn

The Danish Railroad Museum - Odense

The museum is located next to Odense Train Station. There are 2 parking spots for cars with disability passes. The museum has portable chairs available to bring with you in the museum, and there are multiple benched throughout the museum. There is also a wheelchair available for lending, which can be reserved beforehand. There are accessible to almost all parts of the exhibition, and elevators to the different levels. Accessibility to the trains can be a challenge in some cases.

You can see pictures and details at Access Denmark here: Se billeddokumentation og detaljer her

Naturama - Svendborg 

Naturama is designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind, with lifts and ramps. There is also the possibility of borrowing a wheelchair for free, and there are bathrooms for disabled people on all three levels in the exhibition.

You can see pictures and details at Access Denmark on this link

Egeskov – Kværndrup, Faaborg-Midtfyn 

At Egeskov, they have made an overview of the areas in their park which are accommodating for people in wheelchairs. The castle itself, due to the many stairs, are not suitable for wheelchairs, but the other buildings of various exhibitions have been levelled. The paths in the parks have a hard graveled surface, but in bad weather conditions it might be challenging in some areas. There are possibilities of borrowing a wheelchair, and there are also electric scooters, which can be rented for a small fee. There are several bathrooms for people with disabilities throughout the park.  

You can see their map for accessibility with wheelchairs on this link

Nature experiences

Emmerbølle Strand - Tranekær, Langeland 

Emmerbølle beach has a parking space for cars with disability passes, and the camping site close by has bathroom facilities and a cross-country wheelchair for lending. Furthermore there have been applied mats over the sand to the bathing pier - which have a ramp.

See details and pictures on Access Denmark on this link

Bogense Havbad  

Bogense Havbad is a newer bathing area at the Marina build in cement, with both a ramp and stairs. In the summer it is possible to lend a bathing wheelchair at the tourist-information center. There are parking spots for people with disabilities close to the water. There are several activities at the Marina, and there are several dining possibilities close by as well.

See details and pictures on Access Denmark on this link

Nature trail Ringe-Korinth 

The trail is 16 km long, and is a combination of gravel and concrete, with the primary focus on accessibility for wheelchair users. There are parking spots in Korinth, Højrup and Espe.

Information available in danish on this link


Hotel Odeon – Odense 

The newer hotel in the center of Odense has several accessible rooms, especially for guests with physical impairments and walking difficulties. There are larger bathrooms with handrails, elevator, parking in the basement and 24/7 manned reception

For more information and contact see this link

Scandic Odense 

The Hotel is located outside of the city center and has one accessible room. The rest of the facilities on the hotels are described in detail on their website. There are, amongst other approaches, automatic door openers, level free entrance, and wheelchair accessible hallways. They have considered how things should be reachable from a wheelchair level, there are bathroom for people with disabilities in the shared areas and parking spots close to the entrance.

For more details, check out the hotels website on this link

Best Western Plus Hotel Svendborg – Svendborg

Hotel Svendborg is located in the center of Svendborg, with great parking opportunities. There are several accessibility rooms, and the entrances are levelled. The hotel is certified dementia- and Alzheimer’s friendly, and the staff has experience with guests having various challenges. They are certified from Access Denmark.

You can read more about the hotel on their website through this link

And of their accessibility here on the website of Access Denmark

Feriepark Langeland - Emmerbølle 

Langeland is one of the places on Fyn, where they have engaged a lot in accessibility. One of the specific places are Feriepark Langeland. They have a camping site, cabins, cafe, pool facilities and a small supermarket. There are specially designed accessible cabins, and a bathing pier on their beach with a ramp.

For more information and details see Access Denmark on this link

You can also check their website here through this link