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Winther's Coffee and Tea

Winther's Kaffe & The has been located on the corner of Vestergade and Kongensgade since 1912. It has been handed down from generation to generation until recently.

The new owner has preserved the shop's traditions and interior, which has been carefully restored with respect for old craftsmanship. In fact, it was necessary to bring in "old" craftsmen to get it just right. The new interiors combined with the old create an atmosphere of cosiness and an old-fashioned grocery shop.

This means that the shop's regular customers still get an experience some of them can remember from childhood, and new customers get the experience of coming to a shop where service and product knowledge are the focus. The staff in the shop have many years of experience and almost consider themselves "hygge consultants".

The products
Quality products are a must in this small speciality shop, and you can buy freshly roasted coffee from all over the world with flavours of spices, flowers, citrus, chocolate, nuts and more. The tea selection changes according to the season and what's new. Feel free to visit the shop and explore - and ask the staff, who are on hand with knowledge about which teas go well with different occasions.

Winther's selection of sweets will not disappoint you. Here you can buy different flavoured liquorice from Bagsværd Lakrids and chocolate and caramel from Monty Bojangles and Cartwright. You can also buy fine thermos flasks, tea brewers, selected jams, a few varieties of spirits and powder for hot drinks.

If you don't have time to pop in, you can also get the month's selection of coffee, cocoa or three different teas in a to-go cup from the hatch in Kongensgade. Of course, you can have some of Winther's delicious biscuits or chocolates to go as well. The hatch opens as early as 7.30am on weekdays.