The Baltic Sea Cycle Route Stage 2 - Svendborg - Langeland - Nakskov

Experience South Fyn from its best side. Learn more about the habour life in Svendborg, visit the creative shops and music venues, or go to the food market Culinary South Fyn. Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful nature with hat trays and wild horses on Langeland!

As you start in Svendborg, you ride along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route across the Svendborg Sound Bridge to Tåsinge. Here you can have a rest at Vindebyøre. The next stop is Troense and Valdemar’s Castle that sits majestically, on the water’s edge. From Tåsinge you continue towards Siø and on to Langeland, which offers a world of outdoor activities like diving, pleasure fishing, walking and sailing.

The largest town on Langeland is Rudkøbing, where you can learn all about its history at the Museum of Langeland. In Stengade Skov near Spodsbjerg, you can see the beech tree where the poet Adam Oehlenschläger was inspired, in the start of the 1800s, to write the Danish National Anthem. In Spodsbjerg you catch the ferry to Tårs on Lolland.

Frederiksdal Cherry Wine

Denmark’s largest vineyard lies on the west coast of Lolland where the climate is ideal for growing cherries. You can look forward to tasting the Frederiksdal Cherry Wine, which has won numerous national and international awards. In the summer you can book tours of the vineyard and buy a bottle of your favourite wine to take home – if there is enough room in your basket! Do also make time for an amble through the estate’s ancient deer park. For more information go to

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