En mountainbiker i skoven, omringet af træer og vildt mos.

Mountain bike rides and races on Fyn

Photo: Destination Fyn

Mountain bikers don’t let the changing seasons keep them out of the saddle, and there are challenging and exciting MTB rides to tackle on Fyn all year round. Here are the best of them:

En mountainbiker med grøn hjelm cykler i skoven på vej ned ad en bakke.
Destination Fyn

Bissen MTB

Bissen MTB is held in Svendborg. Participants can choose between the Nitten, Bumsen and Bissen events – which comprise, respectively, 1, 2 and 3 circuits of a 25 km route through the hills around Svendborg.

Mountainbiker med rød hjelm er til løb og cykler ude i skoven omringet af en masse grønt.
Lise Myltoft

MTB Chick'n Ride

Chick’n Ride is an event for women and children who love mountain biking. It is held annually in Stavis Ådal near Næsby north-west of Odense.

MTB Race on Sydfyn

“The good, the bad and the ugly” are the names of three equally punishing routes through the tough, hilly terrain of Svanninge Bakker. The routes all feature more than a few steep and challenging climbs, that your leg muscles won’t let you forget the next day. “The ugly” will see you climbing fully 1,300 m over a course of just 63 km.

En cykelrytter til mountainbikeløb på vej ind i en tunnel.
Carl Nielsen MTB

Carl Nielsen MTB

The Carl Nielsen MTB Race is a marathon event in Ilbjerg with routes of 15, 30 and 60 km. It is not reserved exclusively for top-trained riders, as you’ll always have a wheel to follow, and you shouldn’t have any trouble maintaining a smooth flow along the route.

To mountainbikere til løb ude i skoven cykler på vej op over en bakke.
Bike Foto by O.J.

Melfar MTB

The Melfar MTB event is held in spring in Middelfart and features three categories: men, women and U15. The route follows the best trails and challenging terrain on the Hindsgavl peninsula

To mountainbikere cykler i en skov, omringet af træer og vildt mos.
Destination Fyn

Power Cup

Power Cup is a trophy event that runs throughout the winter on Fyn, with a single “detour” to Fredericia in Jutland. You can choose to take part in the entire trophy series or just ride a single race.