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Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago

Photo: Mikkel Jézéquel

Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago is the story of a "drowned" ice age landscape. A dramatic rise in sea levels created the landscape that for the last 10,000 years has formed countless nature expiences.


There are plenty to do - download the app to get the full overview. But first a little inspiration..

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What exactly is a Geopark?

A UNESCO Global Geopark is a unified geographical area with places and landscapes of international geological significance, with a focus on a holistic approach to usage/protection, education and sustainable development.

The Geopark covers an area of 2,733 km2 - 1,426 km2 is land, 1,304 km2 is water. The area has more than 55 islands and islets and a total coastline of 551 kilometers.

A total of 45 sites of special geological interest have been selected.

Photo: VisitFyn

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