Kirke på Skarø


Photo: Kasper Orthmann Andersen

Stay in one of the architect designed shelters on Skarø and stay close to nature.

Skarø one of the smallest islands in the South Funen Archipelago. It is only 2 square kilometers big. Getting to the island is easy. Take the ferry from Svendborg. The island is perfect for a nice one day trip, but you can also spend the night on the island if you want to. Bring a tent and spend the night om the campsite, sleep in an architecture designed shelter or use one of the other sleeping arrangements.

Photo:Kasper Orthmann Andersen

Experience the island by walking or biking

Despite the size of the island, you can still get many fantastic experiences in the nature on the island. The coast all around the island is totally flat and this is something special worth experiencing. You will find beautiful salt meadows, seawalls and beach reefs. If you go out and explore the stunning nature, you will probably find many hidden gems.

You can easily explore the island by foot or by bike via the paths through fields and the woods. Along some of the paths you will find cozy places to enjoy a cup of coffee, where you can enjoy the view and a quiet moment. Of course, you cannot miss tasting the famous Skarø ice cream. Take a trip to the café and taste the homemade, organic ice cream. Have a taste of exicing new flavour combinations.

Smag den lækre Skarøis


Animal life

On Revet (the Reef), Skarø Odde (Skarø Headland) and Kalveodde (Calf Headland) you can experience wading birds breeding. However, the birds must not be disturbed in the breeding period from March 1st to July 15th. There are approx. 50 bird species on the island, so remember your binoculars.

The Reef and Calf Headland is salt meadows, which is a stunning nature experience. Today, the northern part of the reef is grazed by free range cows. You will probably come across quite a lot of hares, because the marten is the only preditor on the island. From May you can heer and maybe catch a climpse of the European green toad in waterholes around the island.

Dreng i vand ved Skarø

Photo:Kasper Orthmann Andersen

Spend a night in a shelter

On Skarø, you will find one campsite. On the campsite, there are 4 shelters, which can be used by everyone. Just remember that you have to book the shelter in advance. When you spend the night on the campsite, either in a shelter or in a tent, you are close to the ocean and the habour. If you come to the island by kayak, the campsite is the perfect place to spend the night. There are toilet and bath facilities on the habour.

The campsite is a create base when you are out exploring the island. Besides exploring the beautiful nature on the island, you have to visit Skarø town. Here you can see the church, which is placed on one of the highest points on the island. You can get an amazing view of the town and the island.

Arkitekttegnede shelters på Skarø står med åbne døre. Mørkt ydre og lyst træinteriør.