cyklister på færge

Cycle Tour Packages to Fyn

Photo: Destination Fyn

No matter whether you are looking for a long cycling holiday or just a single day in the saddle, Fyn has routes to match your preferences. A number of Danish operators organise complete package trips to suit all tastes. 

The Baltic Sea Route – The western circuit
Treat yourself to a 7-day ride around the western section of the award-winning Baltic Sea Route and experience a string of gems in the form of charming market towns, sights and attractions.
Ruby Rejser
Go exploring with Ruby Rejser and experience the best of Fyn from the saddle. Ruby Rejser organises personalised cycle trips to Fyn and Ærø, so you can be sure of an experience tailored to your preferences.
Ærø Tours
Ærø Tours organises both active single-day bike rides and comfortable group coach trips around the island of Ærø, which is famous for its wonderful beaches, charming towns and fantastic atmosphere. Ærø Tours makes it easy for you to enjoy the best of Ærø.
Danish Biking
Danish Biking organises a variety of cycling holidays on Fyn. The well-planned trips will take you to all the delights on the island – charming market towns, breathtaking countryside and exquisite restaurants – and give you the chance to experience the finest cycling destination in Denmark.
Biking People
Biking People arranges cycling trips to South Fyn, all the way around Fyn and the island of Ærø. Sights and attractions en route include old market towns, magnificent landscapes  and truly breathtaking views.
Netherlands - OAD Fietsvakanties
OAD organises 7-day trips to Fyn including the opportunity to rent a bike. The OAD tour gives you the chance to visit a range of sights and attractions including Egeskov Castle, the city of Odense and the island of Langeland.
USA - Butterfield & Robinson
Butterfield & Robinson arranges trips to Denmark that wind up on Fyn – the island aptly known as a paradise for cyclists.
Canada - OK Cycle Tours
OK Cycle Tours arranges trips to the Danish islands of Fyn and Ærø. Enjoy 7 days of great cycling and choose between town- or beach-based holidays.
USA - Austin Adventures
Austin Adventures organises trips around Denmark ending on the island of Fyn, where there are numerous sights and attractions including the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.
Belgium - Zuiderhuis
Zuiderhuis organises a 7-day cycling trip based on the island of Fyn. The route leads you from the city of Odense to the delightful landscapes of South Fyn.
Norway - 50 Degrees North
50 Degrees North organises an 8-day round trip on Fyn, visiting a string of charming old market towns.