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Brasserie Bordeaux

French restaurant in the centre of Odense
Brasserie Bordeaux is a traditional French restaurant in the centre of Odense that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The concept of the restaurant in the centre of Odense consists of traditional French cooking with quality and ingredients at great prices. Brasserie Bordeaux receives ingredients from Paris every week to ensure the right quality. In addition to the ingredients from Paris, the restaurant uses local suppliers from Odense and the rest of Funen.

There are many options in the French restaurant, where you can enjoy food and drinks all day long. The menu offers everything from delicious French croissants in the morning to good drinks and wine in the late evening. You can experience the French atmosphere both inside the restaurant's fine rooms and outside on the pavement, as if you were in Paris.

Breakfast in French?
The breakfast menu at the French eatery in Odense includes the popular dishes Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royal. You can also create your own breakfast from the brasserie's small French breakfast dishes

At lunch, there is plenty of opportunity to savour French cuisine. Here you'll find classics such as Croque Madame and Moules Frites.

The restaurant's evening menu offers a wide selection of snacks, small and large dishes. Here you can taste French specialities such as tarté flambée, veal fricassee and of course gateau marcel. If you like cheese - you can find one of Odense's largest selection of cheeses at Brasserie Bordeaux, which can be eaten as both a main course and dessert.